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We’ll admit we weren’t the shiniest or the happiest people waking up at 6 am on a Saturday. BUT almost everyone made it almost on time and by 7:45 we were on our way to Basic Halli. By then, the excitement over experiencing the great outdoors had kicked in strong. A quick breakfast stop 15 minutes into the journey definitely helped to lift spirits.

Some of our macho men decided to bike their way over – quickly learning that their navigation skills weren’t as tuned as their fancy Bullets.  (Let’s take a moment to give a quick shout out to the awesomeness of Google Maps).

About two hours later we reached our weekend getaway spot, and decided to get acclimatized to the wilderness with some chilled beers. A few of us attempted cycling – but the rocky slopes were no match for us urban folk.  They also told us to be watchful of snakes, mad elephants, foxes, and a whole bunch of other animals that might be prowling the forests – but fortunately we didn’t encounter any creatures other than each other.

Once the bikers arrived, it was game-on. The men transformed into boys – and endured the blistering sun for a loud and fun game of cricket. They even threw in a token second game that included the ladies! Quite exhausted from the match, we shoveled a delicious lunch down our throats, and prepared ourselves for Kartik’s presentation.

The presentation seemed shorter than it was – possibly the best sign of a good one! It was a sweet reminder about why we were chosen, what it takes to be Happy and why we have to keep at it. In fact, the talk was so well timed that it ended right when the coffee and chilli bajjis arrived!

And what a treat for testosterone followed. Air rifles and cans hung on a rope.  The boys did good, but we’re hanging with Mother Nature, and she’s not going to let the girls down. The ladies shone with a better strike rate than their male counterparts.

Shooting cans might have been a guy’s idea of fun, but shooting themselves with guns (not in the head; and with a camera) was way more fun for the girls!

“But it’s not even 6:45!!” exclaimed Vigya – but it was too late, the party was already on! The professional barbecuers arrived shortly with gear and meat.  A BBQ, campfire and a party in the middle of nowhere – you couldn’t help but let loose.

We must not leave out the effective team-building game by Venky – “Bitches Bitches”. More on that some other time.

Around 3 am, they said we were too wild for the wilderness, and apparently Bangalore cops will find you no matter where you are, so we retreated to our pitch-dark tents with torches. The torches at some point doubled as flickering club laser lights. It really was back to the basics.

The last activity was saved for the morning after – rafting on a secluded lake. Transported like cattle in the back of a tempo truck, trying to be quiet as we drove through narrow village roads. The view by the lake was absolutely stunning – until our boys decided to take on rafting. Using sticks for oars, they floated around in circles, while the rest of us stood around yelling obscenities at them.

A quick lunch later, it was time to pack up and head back to civilization.

A short trip that lasted barely two days felt like half a week.  It was one giant family vacation minus all the yelling and fighting!  Love you Happy creatures!  : )’


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‘twas the season to be jolly, and boy were we jolly! At Happy, we welcome any reason (read : excuse) to make merry, but this month threw some legit occasions our way.

First we all said hi-hello to Pallavi, who was hired to make Bombay a happy place.  And because Rebecca Black very wisely crooned ‘we gotta get down on Friday’ the entire lot of us trooped over to High Note.

Kartik and Carl’s birthday came soon after. Believing that we could pull off a surprise party, we plotted and planned.  Party hats, multicolored twinkle lights and a CLOWN later, it was easily the most bizarre terrace session at Happy.

Despite lingering hangovers, two days later our bar reopened for the Halloween-themed Christmas party to celebrate the last day of the year.  After much dancing, many photo-ops and empty bottles, Happy finally shut shop for a week – to recoup and be back to do it all over again!

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